News: Acclaimed documentary "Love & Engineering" on VOD now!

Four engineers, one problem: How to find the right woman in real life? 

In his previous documentary RULES OF SINGLE LIFE (2011), Bulgaria-born, Helsinki-based engineer-turned-director Tonislav Hristov examined his own divorce and that of four friends – wondering what had gone wrong. His latest film, the English-spoken LOVE & ENGINEERING takes this concept one step further, as it follows Atanas, a Bulgarian 3D engineer living in Finland.

Love & Engineering follows four desperate geeks around thirty looking for analog love. Disconnected from normal social life, but hard-wired to reproduce, they are willing guinea pigs in experiments by their mentor Atanas. A fellow geek and a Bulgarian 3D engineer with a PhD, Atanas wants to help others in the name of science. On the basis of his own experiences, he sets out to structure a (pseudo) scientific formula for love and dating. With Atanas’ help, Todor, Tuomas, Markus and Andon try to hack real life, as the camera tracks their expectations, hopes, disappointments and frustrations. A film about true love in times of pixelated communication.

The movie is available on VOD now. Click the official webpage for more details:

Watch the trailer below.

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