Trailers: "Mark Defriest" documentary opens this Friday in New York and Los Angeles!

Opening March 6!

When a legendary escape artist comes up for parole after more than three decades years behind bars, a chance for freedom must be weighed against his infamous past.

Mark DeFriest is an American prison legend, a notorious escape artist who has spent 34 years behind bars, with little light, hope or human contact.

The film is the exploration of Mark DeFriest's life and mind, both the facts of the case and the hyper world of his design, as seen in animations. Interweaving the animated past of Mark’s case with the parole narrative, the film becomes a de facto courtroom where the facts of Mark’s case are finally laid out.

Mark DeFriest attempted 13 escapes and got out seven times, turning his original four-year sentence into Life. The original crime that sent him to prison: stealing his own father's tools. So how did a low-level criminal end up looking at life in prison? And will he ever get out?


After going the rounds of film festivals, including a much-talked about screening at the Los Angeles Film Festival last year, Mark Defriest has finally been granted parole! Gabriel added a new ending to the film.  Showing the film at LAFF and other festivals was actually key in Defreist's parole being granted!  Director Gabriel London has followed this story for 12 years and been a key player in pushing for his release, and was able to show it to the parole board.

Watch the explosive trailer below.

The Mind Of Mark DeFriest (trailer) from Ronan Coleman on Vimeo.

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