In Pictures: The Avengers assembled this weekend in Los Angeles!

Iron Man aka Robert Downey, Jr. spent the past weekend with his fellow Marvel superheroes in Los Angeles for the sequel's press day held at the sprawling Disney Studios in Burbank. The actor kept busy snapping pictures that he subsequently shared to his many Twitter followers.

"Avengers: The Age of Ultron" storms into theaters on April 23. You better be ready!

Below are some of the wacky photos RDJ shared in his Twitter account.

That's Mark Ruffalo and RDJ... 

Two pic with Thor, Captain America and Iron Man -- you know other names, right?

RDJ, Cobie Smulders and Jeremy Renner

The Avengers!

RDJ welcoming new cast members Aaron Taylor and Elizabeth Olsen

My favorite group pic!

Iron Man and Ultron conferring... 

That's Captain America and Iron Man admonishing you to watch Avengers 2!

See you at the movies!

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