LAFF 2015: "Maiko: Dancing Child", Official Documentary Competition Selection

World Premiere
SUNDAY | JUNE 14 | 3:55 PM

This visually stunning film follows the life of dancer Maiko Neshino.  She has reached a pinnacle in her career as the celebrated Prima Ballerina of the Norwegian National Ballet. Now, she comes face to face with her desire to have a child – and star in Swan Lake.  In their debut documentary, filmmakers ├ůse Svenheim-Drivenes and Anita Rehoff Larsen explore the roles of mother and daughter with the traditional image of a ballerina. Early home videos of Maiko’s family in Japan are woven together with present day interactions between Maiko and her mother, emphasizing the sacrifices the family made to make Maiko’s dreams of ballet a reality. Elegant performance footage is balanced with moments of strenuous training, but Maiko’s grace can barely conceal the strain of continuing to persevere as the National Ballet’s top dancer – especially as her body changes.

The film will make its World Premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 14th 3:55 PM at REGAL Cinemas- LA Live. An additional screening is scheduled on June 16th at 3:30PM. Both Maiko and Ase will be in Los Angeles to grace the premiere.

See you at the festival!

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