Quick Reviews: "Tomorrowland", "San Andreas"

If you have noticed i have not been active with my blog for the past month or so. I have been quite busy at my day job and have not had much time to even update this blog for some of the more important events that transpired during the past month. Cannes came and went and save for a report i did on the film selections, I did not have much chance to report here on what movie generated the most buzz and what movies and actors took home the prizes. 
And i missed going to the movies. Except for occasional Netflix movies, I haven't gone to the movies in over two months - gosh, I miss the darkness of the cinema, the quiet murmurs of the bored and excited audiences and the big screen that transports my hapless self to the world envisioned by the filmmakers... but that's over now because yesterday, I went to the movies and saw two films that are making quite a buzz now.

I finally got to see "Tomorrowland" --- I waited many months for this movie and now i know why it disappointed at the box office: It's a big yawner! The movie is too didactic and too preachy that it brought me to sleep more than a couple of times. I love the idea about it but the storytelling is so uneven that when the setting finally shifted to Tomorrowland, I was already too bored to even care. If they could re-edit the movie and trim it by like 20 minutes, it would be a better film. (Note: There was a little boy who came with his mom to the cinema and midway through the movie, he was already asking his mom how many more hours until the movie ends... that about sums up the movie.)
Rating:  – 2 ½ Stars.

San Andreas
I also saw "San Andreas" and this one was a little bit better, just a little bit. The dialogues are so cheesy that you'll find yourself laughing at supposedly crucial dramatic scenes. But the special effects here is amazing though. I expected a Roland Emmerich-type of devastation but then it's not really his film so that is just fine -- the San Francisco earthquake and tsunami scenes were awesome but one will have to sit through those agonizingly long stretches of dialogues between characters who manage to deliver those corny exchanges and break into lip-locks amidst the devastation - and threats of more - around them. i guess it's what the genre calls for but...
Rating:  – 2 ½ Stars.

Raymond Lo

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