Dances With Films: 7 Movies to watch!

This year's edition of Dances with Films will take place starting May 29th and will run until June 8th. All screenings will be held at the Chinese Mann Theatre (6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028).

Here are seven movies that are getting some buzz ahead of their festival screenings.

GASP (dir. Annika Kurnick)
GASP (World Premiere)
MONDAY, JUNE 2nd @ 7:15PM
At the invitation of the mysterious Elijah, the shy, bookish Molly travels to the tiny island of Little Neck for his annual party. When she arrives she finds that all the residents, other than a small, tightly knit group of Elijah's friends have left for winter. When Elijah doesn't materialize at his own party, his guests carry onin his honor, having a bacchanalian night fueled with booze and psychedelics, playing games and telling stories of their absent friend. As a storm threatens their night of fun, Molly experiences a surreal evening of emotional and sexual exploration she won't soon forget.

Writer / Director: Annika Kurnic
Producer: Adam Laupus
Cast: Elsa Carette, Geri-Nikole Love, Angela Gulner, Charlie Wilson, Ken Urbina, Jake Mann

Targeting (dir. Tarique Qayumi)
TUESDAY, JUNE 3rd @ 7:15PM
Mattie Ridgeway is a troubled career soldier who has just returned home from Afghanistan to her loving husband, Justin and their 7-year-old daughter, Cay. Coming home doesn't go well with Mattie and she's having a terrible time reacclimatizing, so she continuously seeks excuses to leave her home. On one of her outings she spots an Afghan man she recognizes, someone from her past. Baktoosh Nuri. She sees him exchanging money with a suspicious gas station clerk. Why is this man in the U.S.? Rather than deal with her own family, Mattie infiltrates Nuri’s life hoping to stop a terrorist threat in its tracks! Left alone to her own devices, Mattie obsessively reconstructs her basement into a secret torture cell. She kidnaps the Afghan looking for answers.

Will memories of Afghanistan forever torment her, or can she survive them to live a happy life with her family? Can she survive life in suburban America? Only Time and TARGETING will tell.

Writer / Director: Tarique Qayumi
Writers: Joey Patterson, Alan De La Rosa, Tarique Qayumi
Producers: Alan De La Rosa, Carlos Osorio, Tarique Qayumi
Cast: Tajana Prka, Bobby Naderi, Brooke J. Ferrell, Fereshta Kazemi, James O'Shea…

Missing Child (dir. Luke Sabis)
(Los Angeles Premiere)

Chinese Mann Theatre
6801 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
A drama/thriller about a young woman, Gia, who never knew her parents. Gia discovers she resembles an age-progressed photo of a child who went missing at an early age. She uncovers secrets and lies in an attempt to find closure to her own unsettled past. The film deals with issues such as child abuse, religious/spiritual identity and personal responsibility. It is an exploration of the dark side of human nature, where self-preservation and self-denial are violently intertwined.

Writers: Luke Sabis, Michael Barbuto
Producers: Luke Sabis, Charles Gorgano, Michael Barbuto
Cast: Kristen Ruhlin, Charles Gorgano, Luke Sabis

The Historian (dir. Miles Doleac)
(World Premiere)

Fleeing a personal tragedy, Dr. Ben Rhodes (Miles Doleac) takes a job at a new university, in a department chaired by once-celebrated historian, Valerian Hadley (William Sadler), who now fights to rekindle his fading career while caring for an elderly father (John Cullum) whose health fades faster by the day. Both feel a duty to impart the lessons of the past, though they cannot seem to come to terms with their own personal histories. Further complicating matters is a promising but needy graduate student, Anna (Jillian Taylor), who worships one and is smitten with the other. This is a dark, funny, humane drama that puts academia under the microscope and finds a mirror of human nature at its best and worst.

Writer/Director: Miles Doleac
Producers: Miles Doleac, Mackenzie Westmoreland, Ryan H. Jackson, John Lawrence Doleac and Nate Meyer
Cast: William Sadler, Miles Doleac, Colin Cunningham, John Cullum, Jillian Taylor, Glynnis O'Connor, Leticia Jimenez
Sandcastles (dir. Clenet Verdi-Rose)

A gritty and intricate tale around the cornfields of small-town Indiana: Noah and his poverty-stricken family wrestle with the mysterious return of his now mute sister Lauren, who was kidnapped and held captive for over a decade.

Director: Clen├ęt Verdi-Rose
Writer: Jordon Hodges
Producers: Jordon Hodges, Christopher Nickin
Cast: Jordon Hodges, Anne Winters, Randy Spence, Saxon Trainor, Daniella Grace, Scott Jemison and Clint Howard

A Man on the Edge (dir. Edward Lyons)
SATURDAY | MAY 31st @ 12:30PM
When a troubled man on a cliff top is on the verge of committing suicide, he is interrupted by a young vivacious woman. Through a series of heart wrenching flashbacks he reveals to her how he killed his wife. As he tries to come to terms with his grief, the Woman offers him hope in a manner he never expected.

Writer / Director: Edward Lyons
Producer: Nicole Adams
Cast: Tom O'Sullivan, Cheree Cassidy

Suparhearo (dir. Sean McCarthy)
Genius. Hero. Sophisticate. Lothario. Montgomery Von Chance III exemplifies absolutely none of these. The self proclaimed Superhero does, however, have a knack for allowing his delusions and incompetence to destroy everything in his life. Monty's 'hero's awakening' costs him his job, girlfriend, and family, yet through it all he follows his true bliss. Is he the ultimate dreamer, or the ultimate failure? Decide for yourself and take a chance on Chance in this tragicomic mockumentary.
Writer / Director: Sean McCarthy
Producers: Shawn Shaffie, Frankie Nasso, Marco Cerritos
Cast: Sean McCarthy, Iris Bahr

See you at the movies!

Raymond Lo

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