Quick Reviews: "Godzilla", "Neighbors"

"Godzilla" delivers! It thrills, it entertains. Yes, it earned an applause from me, twice! Awesome cast. Impressive set design. The first great blockbuster film of the summer.

The movie returns to that traditional summer movie spectacle originated by Speilberg and the earlier films of Emmerich. The less is more approach is always effective to heighten the anticipation factor until the monster finally shows himself up gloriously bathed in daylight! The filmmaker studied the masters and made a terrific film.

I did not mind the lengthy setup. That's the reason why they cast those great actors in those roles because they know that the setup will take some time and the story needed compelling actors like Binoche, Cranston, Hawkins and Watanabe to take us through the first hour... If they had unknown actors playing those parts, you will have a B movie and half of the audience walking out of the theater.

Rating: 4 and 1/2 stars.

"Neighbors" meanwhile is my first candidate for the worst movie of the year. Why Seth Rogen's stoner comedies are so popular is not a question i ask anymore but if all the major characters in the movie are variations of his persona, then the movie deserves that honor. I did not walk out, i tried to finish the movie but just couldn't. Instead i finished 20 games of Words with Friends and played some Candy Crush -- and i had a relaxing 1 and 1/2 hr.

Rating: 1 Star because Lisa Kudrow appears in a cameo!

Raymond De Asis Lo

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