MMFF14: "English Only, Please" Earns Rave Review!

"English Only, Please" earns rave review from The Philippine Star! 

Ricky Lo writes, "Villegas treats the subject with wit and humor without sacrificing the film’s serious message (watch the movie and find out for yourselves), coming up with an ensemble acting at its best, with cameo actors making their own markado moments (no matter how brief) — Kean Cipriano as Jennylyn’s gold-digging lover, Alex Vincent Medina as a homely woman’s lover, Patani (of Survivor Philippines) as the Pinay obsessed with bagging a foreigner-lover, Lyn Ynchausti (Mrs. Tirso Cruz III) and Ian de Leon as Jennylyn’s barrio-bound mother and brother, even the Korean guest performers and the little girl as the talkative daughter of Cai Cortez (Rex and Candy’s real-life daughter) who is a big (literally!) delight as Jennylyn’s hopelessly-romantic-but-luckless-in-love friend."

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If you are in Manila, you very are lucky because you still have a chance to watch this movie in theaters! Make sure you watch it this weekend.

Raymond Lo

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