Oscars 2015: #WildTalesforBestForeignLanguageFilmOscar

The Academy poster tells us to "Imagine what's possible."

My reply?

"WILD TALES for Best Foreign Language Film!"

The Oscars will be handed out on February 22nd. The race for the Best Foreign Language film is considered by many as the most competitive in many years! There are three front-runners: "Wild Tales" from Argentina, "Leviathan" from Russia and "Ida" from Poland. The other two nominees: "Tangerines" from Estonia and "Timbuktu" from Mauritania are not too far back in the race. But, if i were voting, "Wild Tales" gets my vote, followed by "Leviathan", "Timbuktu" and "Tangerines". "Ida" is one movie that is well-made but, in my opinion, there are far better films among the submitted films including the shortlisted films "Corn Island" from Georgia and "Accused" from the Netherlands.


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