Sundance 2015: "The Bronze", "The Witch", "A Walk in the Woods", "Wild Tales" are early audience favorites!

The 2015 Sundance Film Festival kicked off yesterday and based on the tweets that I have seen, the early sensations are "The Bronze" from director Bryan Buckley and screenwriters Melissa Rauch and Winston Rauch. Some tweets are calling it the best comedy in years while others are loving the sexual gymnastics that Melissa Rauch's and Sebastian Stan's characters performed in the film. Although one tweet cautioned, "The Bronze may re-launch Sebastian Stan as both a comedic actor and an old-school male sex symbol." She ended the tweet with "GOD SAVE US ALL"... Now am very curious with this film!

Other early favorite is the thriller "The Witch." One rave describes it as "One stylish gripping littler chiller." Another tweets reads, "My gods The Witch is terrifying." A tweet from Total Film calls it "effing terrifying."

The Robert Redford and Nick Nolte starrer "A Walk in the Clouds" has been been praised for the pairs "hearty chemistry." Another tweet mentioned Nolte's performance as "convincingly playing a man who looks and sounds like he could die at any second."

The one film that's generating a lot of buzz - and does not surprise me at all - is "Wild Tales", which is making its Park City stop on the way to the Oscars? I hope! I wish! I just so love this film and it's been having a great and sensational run since Cannes last year. One fan tweeted, "Yes. "Wild Tales" was gold. So funny and perfect." Another tweeted, "It's a great start to @sundancefest after seeing Wild Tales".

Here is a sampling of the tweets after two days of Sundance.

Raymond Lo

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